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The Groomed Man Co. Fresh Face Kit (Scrub, Wash & Moisturise)


Two grooming products every guy should have in the bathroom cabinet: face wash and moisturiser.

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Face Fuel Cleanser is a deep cleanser, packed with green tea extract, marshmallow root and activated charcoal. Smooth Operator Face Moisturiser is our silky, matte moisturiser, loaded with Pracaxi Oil, antioxidants and black tea extract. When their powers combine…they clean your face. And sometimes fight crime.

Deeply cleaning and hydrating skin. Smooth, matte finish.

Woodsy, Earthy and Citrus

Face Fuel Cleanser: Pump once and rub cleanser all over your face, working in small circular motions. Massage into a lather for 30 seconds, then rinse and pat dry. Your skin should be clean enough to eat off, but we still recommend using a plate. Use daily for best results.

Smooth Operator Moisturiser: Rub a small amount onto your face every morning and massage for about 30 seconds. That’s it. Your face now contains more moisture than other common moist things: flourless chocolate cake, meadows in springtime, the sea etc.


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