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We are passionate about making men look & feel their best



Welcome to the Big Beard Cartel where exceptional service is our creed. Each haircut is accompanied by a complimentary wash and style, ensuring you step out not just looking, but feeling like a cut above the rest!

Whether it's a slick fade, a statement mullet, or a tailored scissor cut, we craft your hair to perfection, ensuring you walk out ready to turn heads—or pacify a concerned spouse.

A classic and professional cut that’s always in style, providing a sharp and clean look for the everyday gentleman.

For those seeking a transformation or the latest in style—be it long locks, a striking flat top, or a trendy burst fade—our barbers are the maestros of reinvention.

A straightforward, no-nonsense buzz cut at one length all over for a neat and tidy look that's both classic and low maintenance.


At The Big Beard Cartel, we're not just barbers – we're artisans of the esteemed beard, custodians of facial flair, and champions of chin manes. We believe that sculpting a beard is an art form that frames your identity, hence we give it the same dedication and precision as a tailor-made suit.

Our signature Beard Sculpt service isn't just a trim; it's a bespoke shaping experience designed to complement your features and personality. We take the time to ensure your beard is a masterpiece that represents you.

Hot towel beard sculpt with a little TLC for your skin. A meticulous beard sculpt followed by a rejuvenating mini facial treatment. It's not just about looking great, but feeling great too!

A classic beard sculpt for the uncomplicated beard, offering a sharp, clean cut that defines your look with precision and speed, no frills attached.

An express tidy-up for the modern man on the go, perfecting even the most subtle facial hair with swift expertise.


Straight razor shaves

Get ready for a shave so close it’ll make your skin look like it’s never met a hair before. We mix scented hot towels, slick oils, and cushy creams into the equation – it's like a spa day for your face with a side of 'wow'.

Shine bright like a diamond or at least like a well-polished bowling ball. Our head shave is smooth enough to reflect your confident smile.

Lose the fuzz and gain a buzz with our face shave. It’s so smooth, you’ll slip off your pillow.

Go all in with a full monty: head and face. You'll come out so sleek, you’ll need to remind your friends to stop petting you.

Tack on a mini facial because your mug deserves a treat, too. It’s like a high-five for your face after the great shave escape.

Kids cuts

We put just as much time, effort & attention to detail to the younger lads haircuts so we price them the same as adults. We’ve got lollies to sweeten the deal and juice boxes to sip on while the grown-ups kick back with a coffee or beer on us. Because let's face it, watching your kid get a haircut should be just as relaxing as getting your own!

One kiddo, one stylish cut. They’ll leave our chair looking sharp enough to be the teacher’s pet (but way cooler).

Double the trouble, double the style. Bring in the sibling squad for back-to-back cuts that’ll make them the talk of the playground.

Even the littlest dudes can rock a skinfade or scissor cut that’s smooth as their homework excuses. It’s 40 minutes of cool-kid transformation - we need the extra time to apply the devil in the details.


Colour for hair & beard

ADD ON SERVICE ONLY. Got greys sneaking into your hair like uninvited guests?
Blend them in or boot them out with our natural-looking semi permanent American Crew colour service.

  • HAIR COLOUR short hair
  • HAIR COLOUR longer hair


ADD ON SERVICE ONLY. Think waxing is just for cars and candles?
Let us gently rip away your doubts (and those pesky nose & ear hairs). Add this to any service, and you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner!

The Big Beard Cartel Experience

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