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Nish Man Apricot face scrub (150ml)


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Our Nishman facial scrub, crafted with nature’s finest, is designed to delicately eliminate impurities, excess sebum, and blackheads. By exfoliating dead skin cells, it unveils a smoother, softer complexion that radiates health.

Deep Cleansing Action: Effectively removes dirt, dead skin, and oil accumulation, ensuring a thorough cleanse.

Revitalizes Your Skin: Leaves your complexion soft, pristine, and luminous, ready for any makeup application.

Gentle Exfoliation: Offers a soft yet efficient scrubbing experience, perfect for revealing fresher skin.

Immediate Improvement: Witness visible enhancement in the skin’s texture, thanks to natural apricot particles that target the application area.

For best results, massage gently onto the face in circular motions, steering clear of the sensitive eye area, and then rinse off with warm water.


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