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Nish Man Conditioner (400ml)


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The ultimate conditioner for both men and women is one that not only nourishes but also shields hair from the wear and tear of towel drying. NISHMAN PROFESSIONAL Daily Conditioner is the go-to for maintaining healthy hair with daily use post-shampoo.

Towel Damage Protection: Specifically formulated to safeguard your hair against the roughness caused by towel drying.

Vital for Hair Vitality: An essential step to ensure your hair remains vibrant, healthy, and manageable.

Enriched with Keratin: Infused with keratin to enhance and prolong the effects of keratin treatments, ensuring the Keratin Complex’s benefits are retained.

Revitalizes Hair’s Natural Beauty: Featuring natural and botanical extracts, this Silicon & Sulfate Free Nourishing Conditioner rejuvenates your hair, leaving it soft, healthy, and lustrous, restoring its natural appeal.

Salon-Quality Assurance: Leveraged by elite salons worldwide, our nourishing conditioner is crafted with a professional strength formula.


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