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Staunch Original Beard Wash (250ml)



Our Award-Winning Beard Wash Shampoo. Bold, brooding and ready to take on even the dirtiest of beards.

Winner of Best Beard Wash at the Swedish Grooming Awards 2017, The Bearded Chap’s Rugged Original Beard Wash took over a year of research and development. We spent countless hours of testing on real beards to develop the ultimate beard wash for the everyday gentlemen.

Discover the power of a quality wash, by getting your hands on this revitalising beard wash handcrafted, developed and packaged in Brisbane, Australia.

With the masculine scent of Kunzea, Lemon Myrtle and Ironbark Wood, this beard wash delivers both in performance and kick. Not for the light hearted, Chaps.

It’s a bloody good beard wash, for a bloody dirty beard.

Scent not quite your thing? See our collection of beard wash products, we’ve got something for everyone.

Beard Wash Benefits
– Made from 100% natural ingredients.
– 250ml bottle, so you’re not constantly running out of product.
– Designed for daily use.
– Sulfate free.
– Silicon free.
– Paraben free.
– Made in Australia (even the bottles!)

How to use our Beard wash shampoo
Apply to beard and rinse. Repeat for a silky soft, clean beard. Use daily or as needed.

Can also be used as an all over body wash.

Product specs
Product Type: Beard wash
Size: 250ml
Ingredients: Aqua, Olive; Olea europaea (saponified), Sweet Almond; Prunes dulcis (saponified), Grapeseed; Vitis Vinifera (saponified), Coconut; Cocos nucifera (saponified), Essential Oil Fragrance Blend.


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