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The Groomed Man Co. Original Unscented Beard Oil (30ml)


GOOD FOR Beard oil fixes dry, itchy and flaky beards. Promotes healthy beard growth

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The beard where it all began… This is our Original Unscented Beard Oil, the OG, un-scented, light-weight oil that nourishes your beard, softens your prickles and protects your skin. Unlike our other beard oils, there are no essential oils in here, just soothing Argan and Jojoba (for softness) and Sweet Almond (for magnesium and zinc). This guy gets absorbed quicker than your morning latte.

Unscented. No added scent, just natural ingredients.

You can use The Original Beard Oil on your hair, skin, feet, eyebrows, whatever. It’s an all-round hair and body oil. Just squeeze a few drops, rub them into your hands, and work the oil gently through your beard. Keep in mind, this oil is unscented, so your beard will smell like beard. Some guys are into that.


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