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The Bearded Chap Classic Spice Deodorant


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Made from natural ingredients, Aluminium free and made in Australia!

Our deodorant incorporates the soothing qualities of Sea Buckthorn seed oil. Being the closest oil to human sebum, Sea Buckthorn is a traditional remedy for skin care and protection and is used by Russian cosmonauts at the space station for radiation protection. This special formulation has the active ingredients Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate and Vanilla Extract to fight perspiration and odour in three ways whilst keeping you feeling fresh and dry all day. This natural deodorant is free of all types of Aluminium, Parabens and Triclosans.

Not only is the quality of the packaging up to our very high standards, but our traditional roll on bottles are glass and made from 40% recycled glass!

Scent: Organic Black Pepper Spiced.


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