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We are passionate about making men look & feel their best



Tailored cut suited to compliment you and your needs.

We'll take your fade to the next level. Down to the skin - "bald", using either a cut throat razor or a foil shaver for that extra sharp and clean look.

Whether you’re after a nice business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back, slick Dustin Martin syle or full feral mullet, we got you.

Clipper cut all over. No 0/skin fades. No little bit of scissors on top, just a short and sweet #0-5 clipper all over.

If you like your haircut done with scissors only, this is the option for you.

Whether you're the type of guy that only gets his haircut once every blue moon, your partner has started making you sleep on the couch or maybe you're just after a change in style, this is the service for you. We'll allow a little more time so that our talented barbers can create the look that gets you back in the good books.

If you're coming in with a screenshot of someone from Instagram or Tik Tok this is the service to choose. People only post their best content or appearance, although it looks like easy peasy you'll want us to take our time when trying to work out how to make you look like Justin Bieber.

If your wife sent you we want to spend the extra minutes making you look extra good.

If you don't know what you want then we will need that time to figure out what to do with your mop. Any extra time after the haircut will be spent at the basin, relaxing with the head massage.


Quick line up if you don't have a big beard to trim or prefer to keep it short and sweet.

No hot towel shave with this service. Beard line up & #0-4 clipper, no hot towel shave

Beard shape is just as important as your haircut, and our barbers are experts! This is a tailored beard trim shaped by our talented barbers, ensuring that your beard is trimmed to a complementary shape and style. We do a hot towel cutthroat line up and finish it off with a beard balm or oil.

If you got a massive beard that's your pride and joy, you never trust anyone to touch it and want us to get it perfect, choose this. If you've got a big hot mess of a beard and would like it to be transformed to something beautiful, we would also appreciate the extra time. We carefully shape the beard with clipper & scissors, use a beard conditioning treatment under hot towel, do a nice shave and finish with a beard oil or beard balm.



Double shave with straight razor. We use a combination of scented hot towels, pre-shave oils, shaving creams and aftershave balms to give you the best experience and the closest shave you have ever had.

Something extra

Nostrils, ears, monobrow

New and Improved American Crew Precision Blend enables Professionals to provide for their clients with natural grey coverage for hair AND beard. The upgraded formulation works in just five minutes and is infused with vitamin B5 for moisture.



We put just as much effort & attention to detail to the younger lads haircuts so we price them the same as adults. We have complimentary lollies & juice boxes for the kiddos while parents can sit back and relax, enjoying a coffee or beer on us.

The Big Beard Cartel Experience

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